Trip Participants Responsibilities

All participants on a trip are responsible for their own vehicles and the actions that they take. Adequate pre-trip preparation should be undertaken and as a minimum, participants should:

  •  Register for the trip with the Club Trip Coordinator or Trip Leader. Some trips may have strict limits on convoy numbers.
  •  Temporary members and visitors need to complete and sign the Temporary Member
    / Visitor — Trip Participant Form and hand over to the Trip Leader
  •  Submit the completed and signed Personal Details Form(s) to the Trip Leader(if required)
  •  Maintain their vehicle in a roadworthy condition and tyres must have suitable tread for the conditions anticipated.
  •  For longer range trips it is advisable to have a pre-trip vehicle inspection carried out by a reputable 4WD specialist
  •  Ensure that their vehicle has appropriate front and rear recovery points fitted. If not fitted as standard, they need to be installed by a competent fitter, and must be safe for use in a recovery situation
  •  Provide adequate personal supplies of fuel, food, water and clothing for the trip, relevant vehicle and equipment spares or as otherwise advised by the Trip Leader
  •  Obey the instructions of the Trip Leader at all times
  •  Not leave the trip without the Trip Leader’s knowledge.

Trip participants should have the following training / skills:


Minimum 4WD experience, in accordance with the advertised trip requirements and club policy requirements

Current Level 2 First Aid Certificate or as

appropriate for the trip Bush mechanic skills

Basic recovery Gear includes

  •  UHF radio
  • Rated recovery points on front and rear of vehicle
  • Snatch strap in as new condition.
  • Rated Bow shackle to attach strap to vehicle if required.
  • Fire extinguisher first aid kit & Prescription Medication
  • Drinking water, warm clothes and food.  Shovel, Toilet paper and matches.
  • Basic spare parts for your car, Hoses, belts etc.
  • Other spares or equipment may be re- quired for remote travel.

Self sufficient recovery includes

All basic recovery gear plus.

  •  Usually Powered Winch,
  •  Snatch Block and Cabledampener.
  •  Winch extension strap,
  •  tree trunk protector,
  •  bow shackles.
  •  Other Gear as required by trip leader.