Important Trip Info and Documents

Here you’ll find a list of upcoming Club Trips and Events.

Here is some general information about trips

Trip Information Form

111005 Track_Classification_Sheet

Each Trip leader must fill out one of these for each trip

Trip Participant List


Every Participant on a trip should fill out THREE of these forms and put ONE copy in THREE seperate sealed envelope.

One is to be stored in the glovebox of their vehicle,

One is given to the Trip Leader and the third to Tail-End-Charlie. These two copies are be returned to the participant at the end of the trip. They are only to be opened in case of an emergency when the details contained there-in are vital for the safety of the participant.


If you have a visitor on a trip then they must fill out one of these

Temporary Member Form

In the event that an Incident or Accident occurs then the following forms should be completed



Incident Report Form_Fillable Jul 12


A bit of light reading for everyone

FWDV Trip Leaders Guidelines


If you happen to come across something that requires further attention by Four Wheel Drive Victoria then fill out the following form and email or post it

Dob in a hoon form

Event Details

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