Committee Positions


The President

The President is to:

a) In conjunction with the Committee ensure that the operation and activities of the Club are in accordance with the Club’s “Purposes and Rules of Association” b) Preside as chairperson at each General Meeting and Committee Meeting

The Vice-President

The Vice President is to:

  1. Assist the President with his/her duties
  2. Preside as chairperson at General Meetings or Committee Meetings in the absence of the President
  3. To ensure the Club is represented at Victoria Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (Inc) meetings
  4. To assist Treasurer as required at meetings and other duties when Treasurer is unable
  5. To oversee the Property Officer or do the duties of the Property Officer

The Secretary

The Secretary is to:

  1. Keep minutes of the resolutions and proceedings of each General Meeting
  2. Keep a record of the names of persons present at Committee meetings
  3. Keep, in custody or control, all books, documents and securities of the Club
  4. Keep and maintain a register of members in which shall be entered the full name, address, the category of membership and the date of entry of the name of each member
  5. Cause to be sent to each member of the club at the address appearing in the register of members, a notice by pre-paid post stating the place, date and time of the meeting
  6. Open the Club’s mailbox, and attend to matters arising from the mail received
  7. Collect any proxy’s on the prescribed form prior to the commencement of any meetings
  8. Keep the Common Seal of the Club in secure custody

The Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary is to:

Assist the Secretary with his/her duties b) Co-ordinate Guest speakers, displays or other forms of interest items at General/Special Meetings c) Keep notice boards, photo boards and other visual displays updated in the Clubrooms

The Treasurer

The Treasurer is to:

  1. Collect and receive all monies due to the Club
  2. Make all payments authorized by the Club
  3. Keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Club with full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the Club
  4.  Prepare as statements of the Club’s financial affairs for presentations to each General meeting
  5. Cause the books and accounts to be subjected to an annual audit, and the auditor’s report presented to the Club

The Ordinary members of the Committee

The Ordinary member of the Committee are to:

  1. Assist the office bearers of the Club with their duties
  2. When requested by the committee, ensure that the committee or members prepare proposals and resolution papers for consideration
  3. Oversee sub-committee as required
  4. Undertake the duties of a sub-committee as and when required, by wither assisting the sub- committee or performing these roles

It is the task of all committee members to make themselves aware of the wants and requirements of the Club and ensure that all members of the Club are listened to and issues dealt with promptly. The Club does not exist without members.

All committee members are to assist the editor in the production of the magazine.

Committee Positions


Any of these positions may be filled by any member of the Club or Committee and are an important component of the Club as they reflect the core business of the Club. These positions are arguably more important than the Committee of Management as they are what the Club is all about.

The Editor

The Editor is to:

  1.  Receive all information to be published in the Club’s magazine prior to, or at each General Meeting
  2. Edit all material for publication
  3. Arrange for the typing of material to be included in the magazine
  4. Arrange the layout for each issue of the magazine
  5. Encourage all members to contribute material for publication in the magazine

The Assistant Editor

The Assistant Editor is to:

  1. Assist the Editor in producing the Club Magazine
  2. Assist in collecting articles and reports
  3. Ensure that all members receive a copy of the Magazine, as well as distributing complementary copies to other Clubs, guests and visitors as required

Public Relations Officer

The Public Relations Officer is to :

  1. Ensure the Club is reported favourably and correctly in the media
  2. Inform the public of events of the Club that are open to the public to attend
  3. Liaise with government departments that effect the activities of the Club and assist government departments with activities (cleanups and track reports etc)
  4. Obtain and keep available lists of track closures
  5.  Establish and maintain a corporate image

V.A.F.W.D.C. Delegate

The Club VAFWDC Delegate is to

  1.  Attend meetings of the Victoria Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (Inc) representing the Geelong Four Wheel Drive Club
  2. Provide written and verbal reports to the Club on VAFWDC meetings
  3. Advise the Committee on sensitive issues facing the four wheel drive fraternity

The Trip Co-Ordinator

The Trip Co-Ordinator is to :

  1. Seek opinions of Club members on desirable Club trips
  2. Encourage members to run trips
  3. List dates of proposed trips on the trip board and magazine
  4. Supply trip leaders with all relevant details of trip participants
  5. Ensure trip reports are passed on to the Editor and verbal reports are available at meetings
  6. Keep the records for Club Person of the Year as per By-Laws
  7. Monitor trips for safety, behaviour, quality and whether it conforms to the Clubs
  8. S Statement of Purpose

Special Events Officer

The Special Events Officer is to :

  1. Arrange and organize one or more Club Events per year that may or may not involve other members of the VAFWDC or the public
  2.  Enlist and form a Sub-Committee to enable an event to be managed
  3. Report the activities of the Sub-Committee and the requirements (material and/or financial) to the Committee of Management

Property Officer

The Property Officer is to:

  1. Manage the club’s property, and store and issue equipment the Club may have for the use of members
  2. Ensure that the Club equipment is in good working order
  3. Ensure maintenance of buildings and attend management meetings related to the Clubrooms
  4. Keep and maintain a record of all equipment. Reporting to committee form time to time of the

condition and further requirements of equipment

Committee Positions

Training Officers

The Sub-committee has the primary responsibility for providing the opportunity for members to experience four wheel driving. To achieve this, activities include 4WD driving, recovery, convoy procedure, navigation exercises, bush camping, and vehicle checking and preparation to improve the members mechanical appreciation of their vehicle’s capability.

  1. 4WD Driving Items such as vehicle safety, ‘reading’ tracks, river crossings, maintaining traction, use of diff lock, high and low range etc
  2. Recovery Safety awareness, use of winches, slings, snatchem straps, shackles, hi-lift jacks and snatch block
  3. Convoy procedures Instruction and practice in the Club convoy procedure
  4. Navigation In addition to map reading, to be generally able to find your ones by observation of such things as ridges, valleys, stream flow etc
  5. Basic Camping and Bushcraft The education of members in such things as fire-lighting, obtaining dry wood, selection of camp sites, hygiene and the effects of weather changes on tracks, campsites and humans
  6. Vehicle Preparation Advice on setting up vehicle for weekend trips or extended outback tours, necessary spares, accessories and modifications
  7. Mechanical appreciation Understanding in general terms the mechanical features of four wheel drive vehicles, use of tools to perform straight forward tasks such as changing fan belts, wheels and tyres, replacement of such things in radiator hoses and filters, the importance of checking oil levels and tyre pressures.

Other Sub-committee positions that may be useful or occur form time to time are:

Purchasing and Sales

Editorial team

Public Displays

Christmas Committee

Awards Night

Social Director